inputd is a user-space daemon to emulate key presses through other key combinations and intends to replace the right click emulation on Apple PowerBooks currently available in the Linux kernel (mac-hid).

You can find an example of the configuration file in the doc/ directory.

An alternative description by Johannes Berg:

For the uninitiated, inputd is a small, currently experimental, daemon written by Michael that grabs all /dev/input/event* devices exclusively, and for each one creates (using the uinput facility) a new virtual one. The point is to allow having things coming from two different input devices be joined together into a single event. A useful example (and currently the only thing implemented) is having CTRL+left-button map to right-button for a mouse or more importantly the touchpad on the powerbooks. Also, inputd is intended to replace the kernel facility for creating a virtual middle and right mouse button on ADB based Apple laptops. — Johannes Berg

inputd is licenced under the GNU GPL.


glib >=2.10.0
Used to make internals easier
glibc with inotify support
Linux >=2.6.13
Inotify support was not added before Linux 2.6.13


The latest version is inputd 0.1.2, released on November 28, 2010.


Please contact me by e-mail if you’ve got any questions, suggestions or patches.